Member Contact Phone
Branching Out Floral Sharon Runnalls/Jane Eksten 905-985-3033
Canadian Tire Terry Leitch - Associate Dealer 905-985-7341
Clearwater Pools and Spas Crystal King 905-985-6650
Danas Goldsmithing Inc Dana Smith 905-985-2953
Goldbug International Terry Booth 905-985-0001
Lake Scugog Lumber Ian Griffen - Owner 905-985-7391
Lukes for Home Teri Venner - Owner 905-985-3011
North Durham Water Systems John and Susan Boyce 905-985-4900 mobile # 905-449-8998
Northport Auto and Trailer Len Wall 905-985-9330
Ocala Winery and Orchards Lin Yu 905-985-9924 or 1-866-985-9924
Old Flame Brewing Co Jack Doak 289-485-2739 (BREW)
Overridge Fireplace Inc Isaac Malcolm 905 985-0715
Pet Valu Port Perry Scott Riley 905-985-3223
Port Perry Pool and Spa Lakelan Gould 905-985-9746
Progressive Electric and Plumbing Joe Schillings - Owner 905-985-8950
R and R Trail Motorsports Rowell Pacson 905-492-7300
Silsource Inc Graham Alexander 905-985-3543
The Kids Cupboard Karen Staniland 905-985-7707
The Wee Tartan Shop Stewart-Caledonia Prod Stewart Bennett 905-985-6573
Tranquility Home Comfort Ltd Kathy Watson 905-571-3444