Turning the ‘New Normal’ into a Big Win

Turning the ‘New Normal’ into a Big Win

June 3, 2020


As part of the Durham Business Recovery Series, we have partnered with Andrea Bisenberger and Dustin Kellow from Durham HR Solutions (a division of Durham Recruiting) to share some key insights for business owners and leaders.

How the re-imagining of the workplace can be a HUGE opportunity for you!


20-25 minute overview of 5 key topic areas presented by Andrea and Dustin
40 minute Q&A / Open Forum with attendees

As we re-establish operations, businesses have an amazing opportunity to showcase their leadership and level up when it comes to employee engagement and inclusion. It has been widely proven that engaged employees are significantly more productive vs. disengaged and with businesses having to adjust and re-imagine their workplace, now is an excellent time to reset expectations and shine as leaders.

We will share with you a roadmap that includes 5 key sequential steps your business could consider to turn this new normal from a negative into a major win for your entire business!


Areas that will be covered:

  1. Ensuring you're prepared: Safety guidelines as per Ontario Government
  2. Develop/implement/demonstrate new processes & policies to ensure safety
  3. Communication strategy: To employees, clients/customers and venders
  4. Listen, Inspire and motive: Working collectively, ask for feedback, provide feedback, assign team members to help facilitate changes
  5. Prepare for Changes: Adapt and be flexible as new government guidelines are mandated. Prepare for Phase 2 and 3

This is a Free event!


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