IPAC Support for Local Business

A message from Stephen Gray, Chief Executive Officer of  Medical Associates of Port Perry and North Durham Family Health Team, to our Members.

We have discussed whether Infection Prevention and Control  (IPAC) support may be something we could provide to local businesses through our pandemic committee at the clinic.  Our pandemic committee is willing to provide a reasonable breadth of support related to IPAC, and for those things that may require an IPAC expert, we do have a direct link to that expertise through Lakeridge Health.

Examples might include:
1.  Advice on a business-specific pandemic protocol and whether it meets guidelines.
2.  Advice on what to do if an employee is sick or tests positive.
3.  In what circumstances does public health need to be contacted.
4.  Proper use of PPE
We recognize that businesses will have varying degrees of support related to IPAC.  Some smaller businesses may benefit from additional support resources.  The lockdown is intended to minimize the spread of COVID by reducing public interactions.  The practices and processes that businesses that remain open have in place, will be key elements in preventing transmission.  Scugog has been fortunate in that it has experienced limited COVID activity, however, over the past week or two we have seen a shift in numbers. It is important for us as a community to remain diligent and to support one another in efforts to prevent spread.  MAPP is reaching out to provide whatever support it can.

Stephen Gray, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Medical Associates of Port Perry
North Durham Family Health Team