Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Where can I find Business Financing Information?

A.  Industry Canada   


Q.  How do I register a business name in Ontario, incorporate a company, register a non-profit corporation or search for basic information about an Ontario registered company?

A.  Forms for incorporation of a business can be purchased from stores that sell office/business supplies and legal stationery. Other business registration forms are available from the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch, (within Service Ontario)  through Ontario Business Connects workstations and from two private companies that are under contract with the Ministry.

For more information, visit Ontario Business Connects website (within Service Ontario).

You may also contact the Companies Branch by mail or telephone.

Mailing address:

Companies Branch
393 University Ave, 2nd Fl.
Toronto ON
M5G 1E6

Toll Free: 1-800-361-3223
Toronto: (416) 314-8880
Fax: (416) 314-4852
TTY: (416) 212-1476 (for speech/hearing impaired)

Companies and Personal Property Security Branch

 Resources for Small Business

Q.  Who do I contact to learn about my small business taxes and payment structure?

A.   Ministry of Revenue – Resources for Small Business

Q.  Municipal Licensing Information

A.   Business in Scugog – Municipal Licensing Information

Q.  GTA Tax rate

A.  GTA Residential and Business Tax Rates


Q.  Municipal Office Contacts

A.  Municipal Office Contacts


Q.  Where do I find information about Human resource & employment topics?

A.  Human Resources and Social Development Canada


Q.  Where can I find tax tables and payroll calculations programs?

A.  Canada Revenue Agency


Do you have another question you are having trouble finding an answer to?  Contact your chamber for help to point you in the right direction.


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