A Mindful approach to fitness training for life!

Zenfit's approach to fitness is to focus on the body in motion, building strength, endurance, and flexibility connecting the body, mind, and spirit..

We use dynamic, progressive, modern methods, including TRX, Bosu, Gliding, Battle Rope, Sandbag, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Yoga, and a host of other fun and innovative concepts in fitness training. We are also specialists in team services, creating programs for your team. Hockey, lacrosse, baseball and more, any team concept can be enhanced by great training.

The Zenfit Experience

Zenfit serves those with the need and desire to bring fun and fitness into their lives. Through the use of Personal Training, Bootcamps, dynamic forms of Yoga, Team Services, and Adventure fitness, we guide people into a life of vitality, extending their recreational and competitive sporting careers.

We believe in a responsible and mindful approach to fitness training following principles of personal progression. In this way we can guide clients through a progressive training experience focusing on their journey, and their personal fitness goals.