Do you feel like you just can't get ahead of your money situation? With all of the products that are available, money decisions can be so overwhelming. Household finances have become an unnecessary complexity in which many families can't find a positive path. There is an easier way!

The Money Counsellor promotes financial literacy & wellness to improve the life of families. Whether you are having financial difficulties or want to improve your financial literacy, there are many benefits of working with The Money Counsellor;
1) saves you time & money
2) no selling of products like insurance or investments
3) gives you peace of mind so you can sleep at night
4) simplifies the most overwhelming & frustrating financial situations
5) creates security for your family
6) access to 20 years of knowledge & experience with money management

If you or someone you care about has already utilized: refinancing, line of credits, consolidation loans or maybe even a proposal or bankruptcy…you may feel like that’s all the help there is. Not anymore....The Money Counsellor is working to preserve the middle class, one family at a time. Call, text or email for your free consultation today!

Owner of The Money Counsellor, Janet Ries, is a registered social service worker who developed & implemented a much needed program called budgetting counselling in her last role of 10 years. She teaches at Durham College & throughout communities in Durham Region. She is well known for her compassionate yet effective approach when working with sensitive issues.